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CFT Results

On July 27, 2006, BC Hydro awarded 38 contracts to IPPs across B.C. The contracts include 29 hydro, three wind, two biomass, two waste heat and two coal/biomass projects totalling in approximately 7,000 GWh of energy per year. On August 31, 2006, BC Hydro filed the Report on the Call for Tenders Process [PDF, 3.6 MB] with the BCUC.

Bidder Name Project Name Nearby City Energy Source Plant Capacity (MW) Total Energy (GWh/yr)
Plutonic Power Corporation East Toba and Montrose Hydroelectric Project Powell River Water 196 702
AESWapiti Energy Corporation AESWapiti Energy Corporation Tumbler Ridge Coal / Biomass 184 1,612
Dokie Wind Energy Inc. Dokie Wind Project Chetwynd Wind 180 536
Bear Mountain Wind Limited Partnership Bear Mountain Wind Park Dawson Creek Wind 120 371
3986314 Canada Inc. Canada - Glacier / Howser / East - Project Nelson Water 90.5 341
Green Island Energy Ltd. Gold River Power Project Gold River Biomass 90 745
Kwalsa Energy Limited Partnership Kwalsa Energy Project Mission Water 85.9 384
Anyox Hydro Electric Corp. Anyox and Kitsault River Hydroelectric Projects Alice Arm Water 56.5 242
Compliance Power Corporation Princeton Power Project Princeton Coal / Biomass 56 421
Upper Stave Energy Limited Partnership Upper Stave Energy Project Mission Water 54.7 264
Mackenzie Green Energy Inc. Mackenzie Green Energy Centre Mackenzie Biomass / Other 50 441
Kwoiek Creek Resources Limited Partnership Kwoiek Creek Hydroelectric Project Lytton Water 49.9 147
Mount Hays Wind Farm Limited Partnership Mount Hays Wind Farm Prince Rupert Wind 25.2 72
Canadian Hydro Developers, Inc. Bone Creek Hydro Project Kamloops Water 20 81
Songhees Creek Hydro Inc. Songhees Creek Hydro Project Port Hardy Water 15 61
Plutonic Power Corporation Rainy River Hydroelectric Project Gibson Water 15 51
Hydromax Energy Ltd. Lower Clowhom Sechelt Water 9.99 48
Hydromax Energy Ltd. Upper Clowhom Sechelt Water 9.99 45
Global Cogenix Industrial Corporation Kookipi Creek Hydroelectric Project Boston Bar Water 9.99 39
Cogenix Power Corporation Log Creek Hydroelectric Project Boston Bar Water 9.99 38
Canadian Hydro Developers, Inc. Clemina Creek Hydro Project Kamloops Water 9.95 31
KMC Energy Corp. Tamihi Creek Hydro Project Chilliwack Water 9.9 52
Valisa Energy Incorporated Serpentine Creek Hydro Project Blue River Water 9.6 29
Synex Energy Resources Ltd. Victoria Lake Hydroelectric Project Port Alice Water 9.5 39
Second Reality Effects Inc. Fries Creek Project Squamish Water 9 41
Renewable Power Corp. Tyson Creek Hydro Project Sechelt Water 7.5 48
Hupacasath First Nation Franklin River Hydro Project Port Alberni Water 6.65 19
Axiom Power Inc. Clint Creek Hydro Project Woss Water 6 27
EnPower Green Energy Generation Inc. Savona ERG Project Savona Waste Heat 5.89 41
EnPower Green Energy Generation Inc. 150 Mile House ERG Project 150 Mile House Waste Heat 5.89 34
Maroon Creek Hydro Partnership Maroon Creek Hydro Project Terrace Water 5 25
Spuzzum Creek Power Corp. Sakwi Creek Run of River Project Agassiz Water 5 21
Canadian Hydro Developers, Inc. English Creek Hydro Project Revelstoke Water 5 19
Synex Energy Resources Ltd. Barr Creek Hydroelectric Project Tahsis Water 4 15
Raging River Power & Mining Inc. Raging River 2 Port Alice Water 4 13
Synex Energy Resources Ltd. McKelvie Creek Hydroelectric Project Tahsis Water 3.4 14
Advanced Energy Systems Ltd. Cranberry Creek Power Project Revelstoke Water 3 11
District of Lake Country Eldorado Reservoir Kelowna Water 0.8 4
Subtotal       1,439 7,125
Brilliant Expansion Power Corporation Brilliant Expansion Project (2) Castlegar Water 120 226
Total       1,559 7,351