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Statement of Environmental Principles

Seton Lake looking south from up near the Bridge River 2 penstocks

Our commitment to environmental protection

We recognize that our energy system has both positive and negative impacts on the environment, and that, as leaders in managing valuable public resources, our environmental decisions matter.

With our Statement of Environmental Principles, we affirm our commitment to environmental protection. By emphasizing avoidance of environmental impacts throughout the life-cycle of our assets and operations, we can contribute to a healthy environment for the long–term.

7 principles drive our commitment

To achieve our objectives and align with our values, our Statement of Environmental Principles provides guidance to employees and contractors that we will:

  1. Ensure that every employee and contractor understands that they must act to protect the environment.
  2. Question actions that may cause adverse environmental impacts or jeopardize our regulatory compliance.
  3. Work with Indigenous groups, stakeholders, and the public on delivering our commitment to environmental protection.
  4. Make environmentally informed and transparent business decisions that must factor in:
    • Minimizing habitat loss and fragmentation
    • Achieving environmental benefits
    • Supporting climate actions and targets
  5. Comply with all applicable requirements in environmental legislation.
  6. Develop and maintain positive relationships with our regulators.
  7. Ensure that we have effective processes and systems to manage and optimize our environmental performance.