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Energy capacity management trial

View Of Electric Meter On Building Facade

Trial update: Applications closed

Due to an overwhelming number of positive responses, the Energy Capacity Management Trial is currently not accepting any further applications at this time.

HydroHome participants can test energy management devices

We're inviting a limited number of HydroHome participants to join our Energy capacity management trial. You'll have the opportunity to test energy management devices to help keep your energy use within your home's electrical capacity limit.

This trial is for you if your service panel is already near capacity, or if you're looking to add an EV charger or other electric equipment in the future. We'll provide the tools to help you manage your home's energy use and avoid having to make costly upgrades to your service panel.

How it works

Participating households will receive two or three monitoring devices and a HydroHome Hub (if you don't already have one). You'll be able to monitor your home's electricity use in real-time through the HydroHome app. 

We'll cover the cost of installing the devices needed for this trial including the materials, equipment, and labour. We'll also provide a registered contractor to complete the installation. At the end of the trial, you’ll be able to keep all the equipment provided.

Trial devices and features

We're testing two kinds of switching devices and one monitoring device.

A switching device connects two appliances in a home and only allows electricity to flow to one appliance at a time. Of the two appliances, you’ll choose a priority appliance that will always have power and a secondary appliance that will only get power if the priority appliance is not in use. For example: 

  • A priority appliance could be a clothes dryer or an electric stove/oven. 
  • A secondary appliance could be an EV charger or a hot water tank.

Coordinating when your large appliances use electricity helps manage your home’s electricity use and prevents your electrical panel from overloading.

Switching devices available:

Simple Switch 240 switching device with Sinope load controllers

Simple Switch 240 switching device with Sinope load controllers.


AC Dandy Loadmiser switching device with Sinope load controllers

AC Dandy Loadmiser switching device with Sinope load controllers.


Monitoring devices, also known as load controllers, allow you to turn your large appliances on and off remotely. When connected to the HydroHome app, your load controller will also provide real-time energy use data to help you monitor how much energy your appliances are using.

These devices are also eligible for our Peak Rewards program, where you can earn financial incentives for taking part.

Monitoring device available:

Sinope load controllers

Sinope load controllers.


To participate in this energy capacity management trial, you'll first need to be enrolled in the HydroHome trial, with or without existing hardware. You'll also need to meet the eligibility criteria, including:

  • The home must be a: single-family home, duplex/triplex, rowhouse/townhouse, mobile home, or farm. Note: Condos/apartments are not eligible.
  • You'll need to have at least two of the following installed at home: 
    • Electric vehicle charger (Level 2 - 240V)
    • Electric hot water tank
    • Electric clothes dryer
    • Electric range, oven or stovetop
    • Pool pump
    • Hot tub
    • Outdoor electric patio heater(s)
  • The home needs an internet connection so data can exchange between the devices and BC Hydro.
  • The home's smart meter must be above ground on the property, within 40 feet of the main living area.
  • You'll need to be willing to participate for at least two years. 

Read the energy capacity management trial terms and conditions [PDF, 83 KB] for the full eligibility requirements.

Contact us

If you have questions about the program or need help getting started, please email us.

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