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HydroHome service

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HydroHome service

Manage your electricity use from anywhere

Do you wish you had more control over your electricity use? With the HydroHome mobile app, you can monitor and control how much electricity you're using at any given time right from your smartphone or tablet.

Tracking your electricity use regularly is one of the best ways to lower your electricity use and save money. The app is packed with energy management features designed to help you save; plus, you can connect eligible smart home products for greater control over how you use electricity at home. Want to learn more about how to use the HydroHome energy management app? See this video by Powerley.


Sign up for the HydroHome service to keep a closer eye on your electricity use.

To participate you need to:

  • Be a residential account holder
  • Have an online MyHydro profile with a linked account
  • Live in a residential detached or semi-detached home; this includes most townhomes, rowhomes and mobile homes
  • Have a connected smart meter that communicates remotely with BC Hydro
  • Have a smartphone or tablet; iOS 13+ (iPhone 6 and above) or Android Version 7+

With the app alone, HydroHome's tracking tools and alerts make it easy to stay on top of your electricity use. Knowing how and when you're using electricity, as well as the associated costs, can help you take action to reduce your usage and save.

With the HydroHome app you can:

  • Track your daily electricity use and view your usage history down to the hour of the previous day
  • Receive energy breakdown analytics to see how much electricity you’re using for heating, cooling or other key loads within your home
  • Receive reports on your energy usage
  • Set usage targets and consumption alerts to keep you on track
  • Access live power outage information
  • Easily upgrade to live data with the purchase of a smart hub through the app

Tracking your electricity use with the HydroHome app is the starting point. From there, you have the option to build your smart home by connecting a smart hub and adding smart home products.

Connecting a smart hub means you benefit from all the HydroHome tracking tools and features, plus, you upgrade to real-time electricity use data. This gives you a more accurate look at how much energy you're using at any given time, broken down by individual smart devices.

The smart hub is the central point that connects the mobile app and your smart home devices. You can purchase the HydroHome smart hub directly from within the app and connect as many smart home products as you want.

View the full list of compatible smart home products  [PDF, 57 KB]

Please note, if you live in an apartment or townhouse complex, a smart hub might not be able to communicate with your smart meter. The hub can still be used with the app to control smart devices; however, the live energy data may not be available. If you have questions about your home’s smart meter configuration, please email us.

Once you connect a smart hub, you can integrate your home's smart devices to adjust to your needs automatically. Smart home products allow you to:

  • Control lights, smart plugs, thermostat
  • Set schedules for your lights, smart plugs and thermostat
  • Security features like door locks
  • Design automation features that provide personalized alerts
  • Get alerts from smoke and water leak detectors
  • Set up motion alerts for doors and windows
  • Review a monthly electricity use breakdown

These devices are available through retailers, or you can purchase them directly from the HydroHome app.

How to sign up

Follow these steps to purchase your HydroHome home energy monitor and sign up for HydroHome service.

  • Sign in to your online MyHydro profile.
  • From your MyHydro account, hover over 'MyHydro' on the top grey menu bar and select "HydroHome Service".
  • Sign up for the HydroHome service with your eligible residential account.
  • Download and set up the HydroHome app.
  • Once you set up the HydroHome app, you'll be able to order a HydroHome energy monitor (also called a HydroHome Hub).
  • Once it arrives, you'll set up the HydroHome hub in your home and we'll get your smart meter to connect with the device you've selected. This may take 24hrs.

Please read our terms and conditions [PDF, 141 KB] to learn the full eligibility requirements.

Get support

If you need help with your HydroHome service or mobile app, start a live chat via the app, or call our HydroHome help desk at 236-239-2252.

  • Monday to Friday, 5 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Saturday, 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.