Energy Wise Network

Engage your workplace to save energy

We're offering commercial customers access to our Energy Wise Network to help engage people at your organization to save energy. We'll provide you with training, networking opportunities, campaign toolkits, and customized coaching and incentive funding. Please contact your Key Account Manager to apply to be part of the Energy Wise Network. Next applications will be considered early in 2017.

Program participants follow a strategic tier assessment [EXCEL 28 KB] designed to develop an organization's employee engagement program.

Here's how it works:

  • Increase conservation awareness and knowledge.
  • Inspire conservation action and leadership among employees.
  • Gather the support of key individuals to establish a permanent culture of conservation.
  • Facilitate the development of policies and operating procedures that capitalize on conservation initiatives already underway.

See the full list of Tier Assessment documents

What does conservation in the workplace look like?

Read how B.C. businesses are already leveraging people power to save energy.

Resources for your own employee engagement program