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Sustainability resources and projects

Learn more about some of the projects we've supported in local communities and see our best practices and resources for electrification and sustainability.

Our clean energy projects in local communities

Here are some of the projects we've funded to support sustainability goals in local communities.

Electric vehicles

A comprehensive plan to respond to the growing demand for electric vehicle infrastructure in the community. Read more here.

The City of Kamloops developed a strategy to support the transition to electric vehicles and E-bikes. Read more here [PDF, 1.54 MB].

The City of Richmond’s guide to improving access to at-home electric vehicle charging in new and existing residential buildings. Read more here [PDF, 1.46 MB].

New construction

Evaluating the impact of climate change on multi-unit residential buildings and how new design measures can increase thermal comfort while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Read more here [PDF, 2.48 MB].

Guidance for local governments to enable home energy labelling disclosure and BC Energy Step Code implementation. See report here [PDF, 1.59 MB] and bulletin  here [PDF, 398 KB].

Resources to support local governments implement the Energy Step Code in their community. Read more here.

Existing buildings

Reducing barriers to heat pump uptake through industry engagement and public education campaign. Read more here

Helping building owners and managers better understand their buildings' energy use and carbon emissions over time. Read more here