Funding for community energy projects

The Sustainable Communities program funds or co-funds a wide range of projects and programs to support local government action on reducing green house gas emissions. The goal of these initiatives is to inform and inspire policy leadership on energy efficiency, energy literacy, and low carbon electrification. There are two different types of project funding: implementation funding and ideation funding.

Your local government or regional district is within BC Hydro’s service area and meets one of the following criteria:

  • Population over 75,000
  • Champion community – population over 20,000 with a council-approved CEEP (or equivalent) and demonstrated leadership in electricity demand-side management

Implementation funding

What it is: 50% match funding up to $50,000 to assist local governments in delivering high impact projects that support the market and societal transition towards efficient, low carbon communities.

Example projects include:

  • Developing and delivering information, training, materials, or stakeholder outreach
  • Completing research, pilot projects, demonstrations, case studies, or best practices guides
  • Developing and delivering policies, programs, incentive offers, coaching or other services
  • Enhancing compliance processes, performance management tracking, and organizational systems
  • Forming new partnerships, networks, or coalitions.

When it's available: Annual call for proposals is in January and funding allocation is announced by March.

To learn more or apply for funding, please email us.