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Self-serve incentives

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Get funding for lighting and compressed air system upgrades

Efficient systems perform better and need less maintenance, which means fewer interruptions to your business. Keep your facility running smoothly with funding for energy-efficient upgrades.

The offer

We’ll cover a portion of the cost to upgrade and improve the energy efficiency of your facility’s lighting and compressed air systems.

Incentives are based on the estimated energy savings and cost of your project. The average incentive is about 25% of a project’s cost, but for some projects it’s upwards of 50%. The more energy you save, the greater the incentive.

How it works

  1. Work with your Key Account Manager or Regional Energy Manager to confirm your eligibility and get started on your application.
  2. Choose a vendor to do a system assessment and identify your best upgrade opportunities and determine the scope of your upgrade. Your vendor must be a member of the Alliance of Energy Professionals.
  3. Once you know the scope of your project, submit an incentive application online.
  4. After your application is approved, work with your contractor to purchase and install the new equipment.
  5. Then, return to your online application record to submit your invoices. Processing time for your incentive payment can vary, but typically takes about four to six weeks.


If you have larger systems or other efficiency opportunities, talk to your Key Account Manager or Regional Energy Manager about other offers and incentives.

Eligible costs

Eligible costs include equipment, installation, in-house labour, project management and disposal.

How to apply

Once you’ve worked with your contractor to determine the right upgrades for your system, apply for incentive pre-approval online via our Conservation & Energy Management (CEM) hub.

Log in to CEM hub

If this is your first time submitting an online application, you’ll need to register with your account number.


CEM Hub user guide

Download the CEM Hub and SIP user guide [PDF, 806 KB] for step-by-step instructions to submit your incentive applications.

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