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North Coast B.C. Expression of Interest

Connect to BC Hydro's system in the North Coast of B.C.

We’re assessing the need for new transmission infrastructure to bring more clean, reliable, low-cost electricity to the North Coast of B.C.

To inform our plans and ensure they reflect the demand in the region, we're engaging with industry to assess interest in connecting to our electricity system.

Expression of Interest available soon

If you're a current or potential industrial customer and would like to electrify your current or proposed operations, we'd like to hear from you through our non-binding North Coast Expression of Interest (EOI) process.

The Expression of Interest isn't open yet. In the meantime, you can register for updates.

Benefits of connecting to our system

Connecting to our transmission system in the North Coast of B.C. offers many benefits:

  • Our stable electricity rates are among the lowest in North America, reducing your operating costs.
  • Using our clean electricity to power industrial operations lowers greenhouse gas emissions, creates low-carbon products, reduces carbon taxes, and improves on Environmental Social Governance.
  • Our system reliability in the region meets industry standards and will improve further with the proposed transmission system reinforcements, which bring additional redundancy to the region.

If you participate in the EOI process, we can:

  • Take your electricity needs into consideration early in our planning process.
  • Help you access available funding and discounted electricity rates.

How it works

Through the EOI process, current and potential industrial customers can indicate their interest in electrifying their operations in the North Coast region. We'll use the submissions to determine overall industry electrification interest, needs, and locations, which will inform our infrastructure plans in the region.

As plans for expanding our electricity system in the area advance, we may ask prospective customers to:

  • Submit a transmission service request or complete interconnection studies.
  • Confirm their service request by posting security for the design and construction of transmission infrastructure and interconnection facilities.

The EOI process doesn't commit BC Hydro to proceeding with the proposed transmission infrastructure or interconnecting prospective customers.


We plan to open the North Coast Expression of Interest in early 2023. The schedule will be posted here.

Register for email updates

If you'd like to receive email updates about this EOI process and information about the proposed transmission, please register.



If you have questions, please email the North Coast Expression of Interest administrator.