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Non-Treaty Storage Agreement

Agreement relates to Canadian storage of water on the Columbia River

The Non‐Treaty Storage Agreement (NTSA) is a commercial agreement between BC Hydro and the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) relating to the management of reservoir and power plant operations on the Columbia River in Canada and the U.S.

The NTSA covers most of the Canadian storage on the Columbia River that's not already coordinated under the Columbia River Treaty (CRT). It provides for further coordination of water storage and power benefits for reservoir and powerplant operations on the Columbia River.

The NTSA was first signed by BC Hydro and BPA in 1984 and then expanded in 1990. The release provisions of the NTSA expired in June 2004, while storage refill provisions remained in effect for an additional seven years.

Prior to signing a long‐term agreement, BC Hydro engaged with interested stakeholders and consulted with First Nations on the potential impacts of various operating scenarios considered for non‐treaty storage.  Key documents associated with the engagement and consultations processes are provided below: