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The rate design process

The rate design process will often include opportunities for you and other interested parties to review our proposals and provide feedback.

Here’s what a process could involve:

Understanding customer needs

We start by engaging with a variety of customer groups and other parties, including those who might not be directly impacted by a particular rate but who may have input about specific rates.

We then begin to explore and evaluate other rate structure options while continuing public engagement, which could involve online surveys, email submissions, and/or workshops. And we keep the public informed of those opportunities on our current rate design activities page.

Developing a proposed new rate structure

We take what we’ve learned and use it to come up with possible alternatives.

At this stage, we may ask for feedback from customers and stakeholders on the possible alternatives. Opportunities to give us feedback will be listed in our current rate design activities.

We analyze all the input we’ve received throughout the process and put together a rates application and submit it to the B.C. Utilities Commission (BCUC).

BCUC review process and possible activities 

The open and transparent BCUC review process begins with intervenors and interested parties registering to take part. Interveners can submit information requests, evidence and arguments, which we’ll respond to with additional information or evidence as required.

Throughout this period, you can review our rate application and submit “letters of comment” to share your opinions.

Stay up to date on the status of rate applications as they progress by checking the current rate design activities.

The BCUC makes a decision

The BCUC reviews the application and considers all the discussions and evidence that have been submitted throughout the process. Based on this, they either approve the application, approve it with amendments, or reject it

You can stay informed about the process by following along with current rate design activities.