Buying a home

A row of a new houses in Richmond, British Columbia

Increase comfort, savings with a home that's built better from the ground up

If you're in the market for a new home, you're probably thinking about ways to maximize your budget in order to get all the features important to you and your family.

Energy efficiency may not be the first thing on your list, but taking into consideration how a home is built and what that can mean for your family's comfort, health and future energy bills is important.

To help, look for homes that are built to meet national energy performance standards. These homes will be anywhere from 20 - 80% more efficient than the average new home built today. This means that in addition to having all the features you want, you'll also enjoy a more comfortable environment for you and your family, plus the added benefit of lower energy bills year after year. And, with a range of options available a better built, more efficient home doesn't have to cost that much more.

Learn more about the different energy performance standards and see how they stack up.