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What to consider when going electric

How much will you use the forklift?

How many hours, on average, does your forklift operate over the course of a year?

Why it matters: The number of hours that a forklift operates will impact its fuel costs, maintenance, and charging requirements, and inform comparisons between the costs and benefits of an electric model versus an IC model.

Where will your forklift operate?

Will the forklift be used in refrigerated spaces or freezers? Will it be operating outdoors or otherwise exposed to the weather? How often, and for how long?

Why it matters: Forklifts will suffer damage or slowdowns if they’re not used in the environment they're designed for. Some models are designed to operate in refrigerated spaces or freezers, built to maintain battery performance and protect parts against cold temperatures and condensation. Other models are better suited to outdoor use.

Talk to your electric forklift vendor to make sure your forklift is right for your environment.

How will you charge the forklift?

Industrial battery chargers range from small, portable units that plug into an ordinary wall socket, to large, wall-mounted equipment that requires large amperage capacities and dedicated wiring.

Before purchasing and installing any battery charger, consult a licensed electrician to ensure you have sufficient electricity capacity in your facility. Be sure to follow safe charging and handling procedures recommended by the battery and charger manufacturers as well as any training requirements specified by B.C.’s Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) regulations.

Will your electrical service support the forklift?

Your electric forklift, or fleet of forklifts, will require additional electricity to charge. You'lll need find out if your facility’s electrical service can accommodate the additional load, and be aware of the impact they'll have on your electricity bill.

A licensed electrician can advise about how much electricity your chargers will require, and whether you will need to install additional power drops. You may also want to ask your battery charger dealer or manufacturer for their input.

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Talk to your key account manager or regional energy manager about how
electric forklifts may affect your electrical service and your bill.

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