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Submit a proposal for our next EV fast charging site

We’re continually expanding the BC Hydro EV network of fast chargers to support EV drivers across the province.

Do you own or represent land which is a good fit for a new station on our network? Let us know by submitting the site proposal form below.

Before proposing your site: what you should know

Before starting your proposal, make sure you've reviewed our network planning information, including:

  • What factors we consider when selecting new sites.
  • Our upcoming stations and pre-existing plans.
  • Mandatory site requirements.
  • We'll require a 10-year lease term in most cases.
  • There's no lease compensation to you; the benefit of the station to the site host is that it brings EV drivers to your property or community.
  • We give priority to locations with nearby facilities (e.g. restrooms, food and drink) or where the site host contributes to station amenities/costs (e.g. shelter, paving costs).

We’ll let you know within 90 days if your site is a candidate for our planning queue, or if we have further questions.

Site proposal form

Fields marked with * are required.

BC Hydro is collecting your personal information (specifically, name, address, phone and email) for the purposes of processing your site proposal for the BC Hydro EV charging network. It will be used to contact you in the future for correspondence related to your proposal. This is done in accordance with BC Hydro's obligations under the Utilities Commission Act and under the authority of the Hydro and Power Authority Act. If you have specific questions about the project or privacy concerns, please contact