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The anti-resolution solution: 24 things to try in 2024

Three people and a dog hiking on Vancouver's North Shore in light winter snow
Getting out in the snow, and spending more time in the trees year round, are two of the energizing things to try on our 2024 list.

Change is good, and here are a few things to get that going

No pressure. No resolution. Just a few ways to mess with the daily grind, shake the rust, and make the New Year something special.

1. Carpool, car share, take transit, or try an e-bike

Owning a car is expensive, and driving it regularly makes it even more expensive, unless you're driving an EV. Shake it up. There are inexpensive e-bike share programs and popular car share programs in several cities across B.C., and transit can take the stress out of your daily commute.

2. Unsure about buying that thing? Wait 72 hours

It's way too tempting to buy stuff these days. Avoid the expense, the possible waste, and the regret, by letting that purchase decision stew for awhile.

3. Try a foodie tour or walking tour

In your town or while on vacation, a food, craft beer, wine, or walking tour puts you in the hands of experts. And for a cheaper option, look for expert info on self-guided tours. And when you travel, see if GuruWalk is an option: they're free guided tours, and it's up to you how much you want to tip your guide.

4. Start a 10% Reduction Challenge

Join Team Power Smart and start a 10% Reduction Challenge before January 31, 2024 and you could earn double the usual reward – $100 instead of the usual $50 – for reducing your home electricity use by 10% or more over 12 months. It's free. What do you have to lose?

5. Travel closer to home

The car can still be a great way to travel, and you'll be reducing your carbon footprint by choosing a drive over a flight. Check out HelloBC's road trip ideas, including four must-do ski trips, natural wonders, accessible travel, and Indigenous cultures.

6. Get into the snow

Not a skier? Almost anywhere in B.C., you're a short drive away from a winter wonderland. Pick a sunny day, get going early and beat the crowds. Walk, snowshoe, skate, or bring along a sled or slider. See our tips on winter sports, complete with a history of how they got started.

Young woman sorting used clothing for donation
For peace of mind, organize your home and donate or recycle what you don't need.

7. Get rid of the clutter in your home

It's a rainy day activity that'll make you feel great. Commit to cleaning things up, donating, or recycling what you no longer need. Get help with's decluttering strategies,'s excellent room-by-room items to declutter list, and our own 10 things you really need to know about recycling.

8. Use your small appliances

You've probably heard this one from us a few times. We're big on small appliances like air fryers, slow cookers, toaster ovens, and blenders because they save time and electricity, and there are tens of thousands of excellent recipes online. Get a start with 10 nutritious small appliance recipes, and five dazzling small appliance desserts.

9. Attend a music concert or festival, and buy some merch

Revenues from recorded music have dwindled for all but the very big acts. So a whole bunch of artists have been forced to hit the road regularly. Reward them for their hard work, support them by buying the T-shirt, and consider making a vacation out of a music fest. Get your tickets early, because scalpers are evil. While most 2024 festivals in B.C. are still putting lineups together, at least one – the Shambhala electronic music and arts fest in the tiny town of Salmo is already sold out.

10. Hang-dry your laundry

Find a foldable drying rack that's easy to store and easy to set up. Use it to save electricity and to limit the wear, tear (and shrink!) of your favourite clothes.

11. Try buying quality clothing that'll last

There are so many ways to buy cheap clothes, especially online. Consider getting off the disposable clothes train and buying quality items such as sweaters made of natural materials. They'll last longer and help cut down on growing piles of donated clothes, including many so worn that they wind up in the landfill.

12. Get a library card and use it

You thought the library was dead? It's a great, quiet place to hang and you can borrow books, e-books, and audiobooks. You can join a book club, or attend a reading or seminar. Is the book you want on a long waitlist? Put it on hold, and see how it makes you feel when your turn comes up. Magic.

See 10 ways B.C.'s public libraries have evolved.

13. Stop the drafts in your home

Draftproofing – also known as weather stripping – is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to improve your home's energy efficiency. It's a low-cost way to add comfort and save energy. Learn how easy it is.

A bowl of Vietnamese pho noodle soup
It's pho noodle soup, and it's fantastic.

14. Try a new food

Never tried ramen, pho, congee, a poke bowl, parsnips, bok choy, or even B.C.'s own Dungeness crab? Shelve your inhibitions and give them a shot. The world really is your oyster.

15. Try volunteering

It could be a one-time deal at a soup kitchen, a once-a-week stint at a food bank, or a bigger commitment such as coaching a youth sports team. Many people say volunteering changed their lives. So if you've got the time, start with

16. Visit a BC Hydro power station

Add a reminder to your digital calendar. The Powerhouse at Stave Falls near Mission opens seven days a week starting March 1, while visitor centres at Revelstoke and the W.A.C. Bennett Dam near Hudson's Hope open on May 18. And you can check the Campbell River Hydroelectric Facilities Discovery centre for opening hours this spring.

17. Sharpen your knives

Amaze yourself with how much easier it is to do food prep with a sharp knife. You may not have even noticed that you've just been working harder with your favourite knife. Learn how to sharpen it at

18. Organize your digital photos

So many images... but what will you do with them. To get going, start with these tips from around the idea of classifying photos around who, when, and/or where. There's also sage advice on, and a look at some of the best organizing apps at

19. Try a cold shower

The shock of cold water doesn't just wake you up. It wakes up your immune system. Even if you do it for 30 seconds before you switch to hot, give it a shot.

20. Use cold water for laundry

About 80% of the energy used for washing laundry is from heating water. Cold water washes lower bills, get most items just as clean, and help your clothes look better and last longer.

A girl napping on a sofa with a dog and cat
A 20-minute nap, possibly with a friend, can work wonders.

21. Take a nap, and make it short

Now that so many of us work at least a few days from home, it's easy to get a short nap in. Keep it to around 20 minutes, and always less than 30 minutes long, or you risk awaking groggy. It can be better than a second cup of coffee. And if you want to combine the two, try the nappuccino.

22. Say hi to a neighbour

Nurturing community pays off. You could start a great friendship, or just get to know someone enough that they keep an eye on your place when you're away. And the next time you're in a queue, try striking up a conversation with a stranger rather than passing the time on your phone.

23. Get a nice pair of slippers

When your feet are warm and comfy, you're warmer all over. Toss on a sweater or hoodie with those slippers and lower your thermostat to save on your energy bills.

24. Spend more time in nature

Time in nature is good for you. In Japan, shinrin-yoku, or "forest bathing" is embraced and used as therapy. It can be as easy as a simple walk in the woods. Or if you dare, go camping. Just remember to book early if you want to camp in a B.C. Park.