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5 reasons to consider a heat pump for your home

Image of a heat pump on the exterior of a building
Heat pumps are growing in popularity in B.C. due to their ability to offer both efficient heating and cooling, plus they run on BC Hydro's clean, renewable electricity.

Rebates cut costs of a popular option for year-round comfort

It wasn't that long ago that heat pumps were rarely seen in B.C. homes. But while most homes in the province are still heated by traditional gas furnaces or electric baseboard heaters, the New Kid in Town is starting to steal the show.

And that's not surprising. Rebates from BC Hydro's home renovation rebate program, CleanBC and municipalities have helped cut up-front costs for a heating and cooling option. They also rely on BC Hydro's clean and renewable power to get the job done while offering year-round comfort and reducing carbon emissions.

Not sure what a heat pump is? Get the basics – complete with some helpful illustrations – in our Heat Pump 101 guide.

Here are five reasons why you should consider a heat pump.

1. They provide home heating and cooling in one

Despite the name, heat pumps also provide efficient cooling. And while the main driver to install a heat pump should be for efficient heating, many heat pump adopters tell us the cooling ability is a great secondary benefit and better than they'd anticipated. Combined, a heat pump can help keep you comfortable year-round. If you have an electrically-heated home and looking to add a portable air conditioner, a heat pump does offer more efficient (and lower cost) cooling.  

2. They can reduce your reliance on fossil fuels

Switch from gas heating to a heat pump, and you're turning off the tap on a fossil fuel in favour of BC Hydro's clean and renewable electricity. And there can be some greenhouse gas savings in moving from electric baseboards to a heat pump, especially if you're also ditching your energy-hogging air conditioner for heat pump cooling.

3. BC Hydro has up to $2,000 in heat pump rebates

See how you can get rebates of up to $2,000 on air source heat pumps through BC Hydro's home renovation rebates, and also check CleanBC's Better Homes site, including information about municipal top-up rebates, for other ways to save on a heat pump.

4. Our customers are telling us they love them

What's it like to own a heat pump? Read about the heat pump experiences of homeowners in Langford, Nakusp, and Colwood, and how switching to a heat pump helped cut home energy costs by 17% for a couple in Sicamous.

5. We've helped train contractors in heat pump installations

With the popularity of heat pumps on the rise, BC Hydro is working with certified contractors across the province to help them up their game on the installation of heat pumps in B.C. homes. This includes developing a Program Certified Contractor designation to help British Columbians find contractors that have training in installation best practices and rebate qualifications. 

Learn more about the importance of using an expert for your heat pump installation.