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Completed projects

Image of transmission lines

We've been busy upgrading our system. Our transmission lines, dams and substations are being upgraded and replaced. These upgrades are important so we can continue to meet the demand of the province's growing population.


Smart metering

1.9 million smart meters have been installed across the province. These new meters work together to form a communications network, which helps us better manage our electricity grid and improve reliability.

Lower Mainland

Barnard Substation

We upgraded the Barnard Substation in Burnaby to replace end-of-life equipment, increase safety and reliability, and prepare for future growth and demand in the area. This project was completed in 2023.

Burnaby to New Westminster Transmission Project

New, larger transformers have been installed in the New Westminster Substation and aging equipment has been replaced.

Interior to Lower Mainland Project

The Interior to Lower Mainland Transmission Project allows more electricity to be delivered from our generating stations in the Columbia and the Peace regions to customers in the Lower Mainland and on Vancouver Island.

Kidd 2 Substation Upgrade

Equipment upgrades at the Kidd 2 Substation, located in Richmond will help to meet the growing demand in the area.

Silverdale Substation

The recently completed Silverdale Substation helps to meet the growing demand for electricity in Mission.

Surrey Area Substation

Electricity demand in Surrey is growing rapidly and is expected to double in the next 30 years. We built a new substation in the Fleetwood area.

Vancouver City Central Transmission

The new Mount Pleasant Substation can power up to 40,000 homes throughout Vancouver to help meet growing demand in the area.


Dawson Creek/Chetwynd Area Transmission

The Dawson Creek/Chetwynd Area Transmission Project has doubled the capacity of our system in the Dawson Creek and south Peace region.

G.M. Shrum Generating Station Turbine Replacement

New turbine runners on Units 1 through 5 will improve reliability and are more efficient, helping produce power for an additional 15,000 homes.

G.M. Shrum Transformer Replacement

The large transformers step up the voltage of the electricity to 500,000 volts to efficiently move it long distances across the provincial grid. Twelve of the 30 units were replaced as they were nearing the end of their service life.

Iskut Extension Project

The Iskut Extension Project will extend to the Northwest Transmission system 93 kilometres north to provide power to new industry in the area.

Northwest Transmission Line

The is 344-kilometre, 287-kilovolt transmission line that will play an important role in the economic growth in the region.

Vancouver Island

Long Beach Area Transmission Reinforcement Project

Equipment upgrades have doubled the capacity to The Great Central Lake and Long Beach substations.

John Hart Generating Station Replacement Project

We replaced aging facilities and pipelines at John Hart Generating Station to improve seismic safety, efficiency and reliability. The project was completed in 2019.


Columbia Valley Transmission Project

A new 112-kilometre transmission line provides reliable electrical service to communities in the upper Columbia Valley, between Invermere and Field.

Field Battery Energy Storage Project

A one-megawatt battery bank unit provides back-up power to the community of Field.