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Fill out the form to take part in transmissions capital planning

As required by Open Access Transmission Tariff Attachment K, you'll need to provide your contact information before becoming a participant in transmissions capital planning.

Once you've filled out the form, you'll receive updates about the planning process.

We're collecting your contact information so that we can contact you in response to your interest in our transmission planning process. By submitting your contact information, you agree to be an interested party as defined in Open Access Transmission Tariff Attachment K.

We're also collecting your contact information for the purposes of fulfilling ours mandate under the Hydro and Power Authority Act, BC Hydro's Electric Tariff (regulated under the Utilities Commission Act by the BC Utilities Commission), the Clean Energy Act, and related Regulations and Directions.

If you have any questions regarding the information collection undertaken on this form, please contact Rama Vinnakota at 604 515 8621 or email Transmission Planning.

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