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Stave Lake

View of the Stave Lake reservoir

Safety reminders

If you're planning a visit to our recreation sites, we ask that you:

  • Bring hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes to practice safe hygiene.
  • Stay home if you're sick.
  • Use the appropriate garbage and recycling receptacles.

A wealth of recreation, plus a lodge & camping for groups

In the north central Fraser Valley is BC Hydro's Stave River hydroelectric project. The Stave Lake reservoir is bounded by the Stave Lake Dam. Downstream is the Hayward Lake reservoir and the Ruskin Dam.

Many recreational activities can be enjoyed in the area, from boating, fishing and swimming, to picnicking, hiking and mountain biking.

Stave Lake is located on the traditional territory of Kwantlen First Nation.

Where it is and how to get there

Access and directions

Get directions to the Power House at Stave Falls Visitor Centre, the Stave Lake boat launch, the Stave Lake Reservoir Lodge and Campsite, the Hayward Lake reservoir recreation area and the Ruskin Dam & powerhouse, all of which are about 60 kilometres east of Vancouver.

Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Recreation, lodge and camping information

BC Hydro's recreation area provides parking, washrooms and pit toilets.

Facilities at Stave Lake include:

  • A boat launch complete with a double- wide concrete ramp to low water and floating docks
  • 6 unit campground and lodge facility (available to registered non-profit youth groups through reservations only)
  • Fishing

Room for two registered non-profit youth groups at a time

Stave Lake Lodge and Campsite provides facilities for two separate registered non-profit youth groups at a time. A large group may wish to reserve both sites. The lodge and campsite are open year-round.

The lodge is a heated building with hot and cold running water. Two dormitory-style sleeping areas and one small supervisor's bedroom are located upstairs. The building accommodates a maximum of fifty persons overnight. Beds and bedding are not provided. Two separate bathrooms with flush toilets, sinks and showers are provided, as well as a dining room, common area and kitchen facilities. The downstairs bathroom is wheelchair-accessible.

The campsite has six satellite gravel tent pads and a large cooking shelter. Tents are not provided. Two pit toilets are located nearby. The capacity of the camping area is 40 persons.

Kitchen in lodge included stoves, fridges, freezer, microwave

Our lodge has a kitchen with the following cooking appliances: two regular stoves, refrigerator, freezer and microwave oven. Pans, dishes and cutlery are not provided. Cleaning supplies are provided. Groups are required to provide their own meals.

The rustic campsite has a central cooking shelter with a wood stove, cold running water, counter with sink and space for personal cook stoves and picnic tables. Electrical outlets and firewood are also provided.

Wood provided for oOutdoor fire circles near beach front

There are two outdoor fire circles located near the beach front, one for the use of each group. Firewood is provided.

Study of environment a natural at Stave Lake

The Stave Lake Lodge and Campsite resides in a West Coast forest and lake (reservoir) environment. Focus is on the natural environment and studies can include how humans have altered and managed the natural environment.

Opportunities for activities in the region include nature education (forest ecology, plant, aquatic, insect and geological study, outdoor survival, bird watching and energy cycles) and outdoor recreation (canoeing, hiking, swimming, fishing, wood craft, orienteering).

A swimming beach, fishing dock and pond trail exist nearby at BC Hydro's Hayward Lake Reservoir Recreation Area and a fish spawning channel is located at BC Hydro's Ruskin Dam and Picnic Site. Local trails are available for use. For the energetic, there is a four-hour day hike around Hayward Lake Reservoir.

No staff provided: groups responsible for supervision, first aid

Each group is responsible for providing supervisory, first aid and support staff. The BC Hydro Warden, located at Hayward Lake Reservoir, will provide an orientation to the site and serve as Hydro's contact during your visit.

Non-profit youth groups must reserve in advance

The sites are booked on a first-come, first-served basis and are available to registered non-profit youth groups. These include public and private schools, Girl Guides, Boy Scouts, church groups, handicapped groups, community groups and other non-profit societies.

How to reserve for groups

Reservations can be made by telephone only. The Stave Falls Lodge and Campsite Booking Office is open every Monday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Bookings for the following calendar year can be made after 8 a.m. on the first Monday in November. The Booking Office can be reached at 604 462 7533. When calling, please have the following information available:

  • Group name and representative
  • Site(s) and dates requested
  • Number of persons
  • Second/third choice of dates

Fee and length-of-stay information

These facilities operate to provide social benefits to non-profit groups that have an environmental education component to their programs. The fees are minimal and do not cover actual operating costs. Therefore, the co-operation of the users is required to keep the facilities and grounds clean.

User fees are $220 per night at the lodge (minimum two nights) and $165 per night for the campsite (minimum two nights). Maximum stay, one week.

Recreation area rules & safety information

No open fires allowed. Only propane barbecues are permitted - charcoal or briquette barbecues are prohibited. Please remove all used or empty propane cylinders from the recreation area and take them to an appropriate recycling facility. Contact Recycling BC at 604 732 9253 to find a location near you.

These recreation areas are provided for your use and enjoyment by BC Hydro. Please respect the facilities and natural environment by observing the following rules:

  • Deposit all refuse in the containers provided.
  • Pets are welcome at the park but not the Lodge and must be on a leash at all times. They are prohibited on the Hayward Lake Reservoir beach area.
  • Firearms and hunting are prohibited in the recreation area.
  • Overnight camping at the Stave Lake Lodge and Campsite is permitted only for registered non-profit youth groups with an approved reservation.
  • Vehicles left overnight on BC Hydro property may be towed at the owner's expense.
  • Trails are closed to all motorized vehicles. The Reservoir Trail is closed to bicycles.
  • Hayward Lake Reservoir is reserved for canoes and non-motorized boats (electric motors permitted). Stave Lake permits motorized boats.
  • The consumption of liquor in public places is prohibited.
  • For your own safety, avoid designated danger zones and observe all posted signs.
  • Follow the campfire safety rules.

Hydroelectric production creates special concerns for visitor safety. Please note the following:

Hydroelectric operations

  • Avoid the designated hazard areas above and below Stave Falls and Ruskin Dams and obey all posted signs. Water releases occur downstream and strong surface and underwater currents are created upstream. Swimming, boating or fishing in these areas is extremely dangerous.
  • On Stave Lake Reservoir, fluctuating water levels may create dangerously shallow channels for boats and expose stumps that are normally hidden. Floating debris may also be encountered.

Shoreline users

  • Changes to Stave River levels occur suddenly and without warning. Flooding may occur in low-lying areas and create dangerous conditions for fishers and other shoreline users. For your own safety, observe posted signs and be aware of rising water levels. All bodies of water (lakes, rivers and streams) represent a potential danger. Please note the following:

Boating/Canoeing safety

  • An approved personal flotation device (PFD) is required by law for each person on board any boat or canoe. This includes inflatables. Remember, it won't work if you don't wear it. A sound signalling device, such as a whistle, is also required by law. Further requirements are outlined in the Canadian Coast Guard's Safe Boating Guide.
  • Don't overload your boat or canoe with people or gear.
  • Watch the weather. Check the weather forecast before starting out. Be alert for the wave, wind, cloud changes that signal bad weather approaching.
  • Cold water robs body heat 25 times faster than air at the same temperature. Stave Lake Reservoir, Hayward Lake Reservoir and the Stave River are cold enough to threaten your survival. Wearing your PFD increases your survival time.
  • Be off the water one-half hour before posted closing times. DON'T GET LOCKED IN!
  • There are no lifeguards on duty at Stave Lake and Ruskin recreation areas. In the event of an accident, contact the recreation area staff and phone 911. Visitors are required to obey the safety directions of all onsite BC Hydro Recreation Area Staff or leave the recreation area.
  • Never leave children without proper supervision while they are in or near the water. Children or non-swimmers should wear a personal flotation device.