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Frequently asked questions about wrapping our pad-mounted equipment kiosks

Wrap agreements: eligibility, process, and funding

The cost varies by size, location, availability of qualified installers, usually about $800 – $2,000 per unit. Please contact local sign companies in your area for a quote.

  • Municipal governments
  • Strata councils
  • Property managers
  • Businesses established for five years or more
  • Well-established and sustaining community groups (e.g. Business Improvement Associations, Kinsmen, Lions or Rotary Clubs, Neighbourhood Associations, etc.)

We're not currently accepting applications from individual homeowners or renters.

Wrap agreements are valid for 10 years and the owner must maintain and repair the wrap for that period of time. Individuals can't transfer the terms of the agreement to another party without consent. Right now, these terms mean that we can't accept applications from individuals.

New community groups can apply once a group has been established and operating for five years. That's because wrap agreements will be in place for 10 years, and we need to ensure that partner organizations are well-established and committed to maintaining each wrap.

These units are on public property governed by the local municipality and must align with the local plans and bylaws. Your area may have specific restrictions related to municipal operations.

It can take up to four weeks to complete the review and approval process.

Our equipment doesn't come wrapped from our suppliers. Wraps are more expensive than paint, and need to be replaced several times through the service life of the equipment. That would mean additional costs which would need to be passed on to our customers.

We provide limited funding to municipalities as part of the community beautification fund established to improve the aesthetics of business districts, parks and community centres. It's up to individual municipalities to determine how to use this funding.

Wrap appearance and requirements

No, you'll need to choose your own image. Each wrap should reflect your local community. Your image will need to be approved by your local municipal government.

Logos are considered advertising and we don't allow any advertising on our equipment.

The warning and identification labels are required for worker and public safety and must be securely adhered to the unit. Learn more about the specific installation requirements [PDF, 911 KB].

Normally your local municipality will hire a contractor to paint any units that require maintenance. A specific type of paint must be used on the equipment and the contractor must complete safety training before working around high voltage equipment. If you're concerned about graffiti on a unit, you can report that it needs maintenance and send us a photo.

The photos are required to show the current condition of the equipment and to identify any potential defects and/or damage which we may need to fix before the unit can be wrapped. Learn more about the specific installation requirements [PDF, 163 KB].

The unit and wrap may be removed at any time; you won't be compensated for the wrap costs.

Installation and contractors

Typically sign companies who have experience wrapping vehicles, bus shelters, and buildings can do this type of work. Please contact local companies in your area for a quote.

Training is available online or through the classroom. Course required is Safety Training for Trades Workers, sponsored by BC Hydro.

Installers such as sign companies and other contractors can't sign agreements with BC Hydro on your behalf. We can only enter into a wrap agreement with the organization that's paying for the wrap.