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You can help a Pineview business with this incentive

Image of the Pineview substation
Increased demand for power in the Pineview area of Prince George could require costly upgrades to the Pineview substation. BC Hydro is working with local businesses and residents to try to reduce demand in the area.

Further incentives offered to businesses upgrading to energy-saving products

As electricity demand rises in the certain areas around the province, BC Hydro will soon have to invest in capital upgrades to the substations that serve their surrounding communities. Unless, of course, we find ways to ease the electricity demand through energy-efficiency projects to reduce the need and defer those upgrades.

Starting in April 2018, a BC Hydro pilot project targeting eligible businesses in Prince George serviced by the Pineview substation, will use conservation to reduce electricity demand. There is an incentive for those eligible Prince George businesses as well. In addition to regular incentives for switching to energy-saving products under BC Hydro's Business Energy Saving Incentives offering (BESI), these businesses will qualify for an additional 20% incentive.

Our Business Energy Saving Incentives program provides commercial customers, small industrial sites and residential stratas (common areas only) with incentives of an eligible energy efficiency retrofit.

Customer eligibility, and other important details

Over the next few weeks, eligible businesses in Prince George will receive a letter outlining that they qualify for the 20% additional offer and introducing them to their Business Energy Advisor (BEA). The BEA will assist the customer with a basic energy assessment and if needed, help connect them to an Alliance Member to help with the energy efficiency project.

There are no additional steps to apply for the bonus. Eligible customers will automatically see the 20% bonus line on their applications.

The project will need to be completed by March 31, 2019.

If you are currently working with a customer in Prince George who you suspect may eligible, or have a question about customer eligibility, please contact the Alliance Team.

Pilot project could lead to projects in other regions

If this pilot project proves beneficial, we may look to repeat the approach in other regions around the province.