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Capital plan

Transmission lines running over lake.

B.C.'s growing demand for clean energy

We're fortunate to have a robust generation system that produces renewable electricity. However, electricity accounts for only 20% of the energy used in our province. This will change in the coming years as more residents and businesses invest in cleaner, renewable sources of power. From heating and cooling homes, to powering personal and public transportation, the role of electricity will continue to grow.

To keep up with this demand, we're investing in our system to build for the future and ensure we can continue to deliver reliable electricity.

Investments for a sustainable energy future

In January 2024, we released our 10-year Capital Plan called Power Pathway: Building B.C.’s Energy Future [PDF, 266 KB], which outlines the investments we plan to make to sustain and expand our electricity system with three main objectives:

  1. Support the electrification of our province and meet CleanBC emissions reductions targets.
  2. Reinforce our system to enable customer connections and meet load growth.
  3. Sustain our system, ensuring we can safely and reliably meet the needs of our customers while keeping rates low.

We'll meet these objectives by investing nearly $36 billion over the next 10 years on capital projects throughout the province, including:

  • Nearly $10 billion in new electrification and greenhouse gas reduction efforts, including removing the reliance on diesel generators in remote communities.
  • $21 billion of investments in assets across the system, ensuring it can handle the expansion and continue to serve future generations.
  • More than $5 billion to connect new customers, particularly in high growth areas of the province.

These investments will be made across our system, resulting in significant investments in the regions and communities our customers live and work in.

Read the Plan [PDF, 266 KB]

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