Integrated Resource Plan

Revelstoke Dam

Planning ahead to have the right resources in place, when we need them

The Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) outlines our long-term plan to meet B.C.'s future electricity demand through conservation, generation and transmission, and through upgrades to existing infrastructure. As new resources require lead times to develop, we must plan ahead so that they're ready when we need them.

We're looking towards our next plan

Under the Clean Energy Act, we've built the current plan on a strong platform of clean generation and conservation initiatives that will help advance the province's long-term climate action goals. As we move forward with the next plan, there'll be a number of decisions to be made, as well as evolving trends and uncertainties to be considered in a rapidly changing world, including:

  • Understanding clean electricity's role in addressing climate change, and determining our contribution to the Province's climate goals.
  • Determining our long-term conservation savings targets.
  • Understanding the future role of distributed energy resources, such as solar and energy storage technologies.

We'll be addressing these considerations and others in the next IRP.

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Take a look at our current plan

Our 2013 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) includes 18 actions that ensure our customers continue to receive cost-effective, reliable electricity, consistent with the requirements and objectives of the province's Clean Energy Act.

In 2016, we conducted a review of the 2013 plan and updated our 20-year electricity demand forecast and expected supply. Our results show that we're on track to meet future demand for electricity.

Frequently asked questions

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Past plans

Our previous long-term resource plans.

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