Indigenous consultation


Indigenous consultation

Clean Power 2040 is our province-wide, long-term resource planning process. Our infrastructure has significantly impacted Indigenous Nations throughout the province. Engaging Indigenous Nations will help us ensure future projects incorporate and respect Indigenous knowledge, perspectives, and interests so we can make informed and responsible decisions to meet future electricity demand. By understanding how our plans might impact the land and Indigenous values, we’ll be able to make better choices, be better land stewards and strive for responsible development.

These decisions and recommendations will become part of our next Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). The plan will have a 20-year outlook. At this time, we don't expect the plan to commit us to building specific projects, however it may identify which ones should be our priority. If and when those projects are initiated, we'll engage in separate consultation and approval processes.

Where we're at

We’ve completed our first round of online workshops and we’ll be holding a second round later this summer for input on our draft actions.



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