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CleanPower 2040

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The world is changing, and we've got big questions to consider.

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CleanPower 2040: Let's talk

Over the next year, through CleanPower 2040, we'll be looking at options for our power system over a 20 year horizon.

Join us as we explore B.C.’s clean electricity future.

  • What should we do to meet everyone's electricity needs over time?
  • How should BC Hydro meet the demand for electrification?
  • What new technology could support our power systems?




Building a bright electricity plan for B.C.


Summer 2020

Fall 2020

Spring 2021


What's shaping our plan

Customer needs set our planning foundation. Learn more.

Join the discussions

Give us your input.

Join the discussions

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Our mandate

It's our job to provide low-cost, reliable electricity. Through the CleanPower 2040 process, BC Hydro will consider important and sometimes competing objectives.

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Be part of our consultations


Indigenous consultation

We want to hear about the interests and perspectives of your Nation.

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We want to hear from you.


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Technical consultation

We're getting ongoing expert technical review.

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