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Power lines and your health


Power lines in your neighbourhood  

If you’re looking to purchase a home that’s located near a power line or if there’s a new line being proposed for your neighbourhood, you may have questions about living near this type of electrical infrastructure.

The majority of the concerns we hear are about the electric and magnetic fields given off by power lines. Electric and magnetic fields, commonly referred to as EMF, are invisible energy fields that are very prevalent in our daily lives. Read more about electric and magnetic fields.

Some key facts and researching findings about electric and magnetic fields from power lines:

  • EMF levels decrease rapidly the further you are from the source. This means that by the time EMF from power lines reach your home they’re often at lower levels than those already present in your home.
  • At the street level, magnetic field levels from power lines are very low, often lower than those given off by the appliances in in your home.
  • Extensive international research over the past 40 years has found no negative health effects associated to low-level electric and magnetic fields, like those from power lines.
  • Magnetic fields aren’t shielded or blocked by putting power lines underground.

Experts agree: no health risk from power lines

We rely on the latest research and findings from national and international health authorities, including Health Canada and the World Health Organization when it comes to addressing concerns around safety and EMF. These organizations have concluded that low-level electric and magnetic fields, like those from power lines, are not a cause for concern and aren’t linked to adverse health effects.

There continues to be ongoing research on the subject, which is why we stay up-to-date on relevant studies and follow all federal and provincial legislation related to electric and magnetic fields. We commission a regular summary report on the progress of scientific and medical research to ensure our facilities and equipment comply with these standards.

Read more about health authority findings around power lines and EMF.