Peak saver trial

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We're looking for participants to join the peak saver trial, where we will be exploring ways to help our customers manage their energy use at peak (busy) times. Participation is free and you could earn up to $30 or more.

After registering, you'll be called upon to reduce your electricity use by a certain amount on a specific day and time during a pre-determined peak saver event and if successful, you'll earn a reward. This can be as simple as turning down your thermostat, unplugging unused electronics or delay putting in a load of laundry until later in the day.

These events will typically take place on weeknight evenings during the trial period when the province's electricity use is the highest. There may also be events at other times of day and on weekends. As a participant in the trial, you won't need to commit to participating in all events. For example, if you're going to be on vacation or don't want to participate in a specific event, it won't affect your participation status.

To participate in trial, you'll need to have a MyHydro account. If you don't have an account, sign-up for one.

Peak Saver Trial


How it works

Step 1: Email alert We'll send out a notification to our trial participants via email 24 hours prior to the time of an upcoming peak saver event.

Step 2: Reduce your electricity usage On the day and time of the event, you'll reduce your household's electricity use by raising the thermostat by a degree or two on your air conditioning, delay laundry or dishwashing until after the event, or turning off electronics or lights.

Step 3: Get rewarded You'll receive your results within 72 hours after the event has concluded. If you're successful in reducing your household electricity use by the amount specified for the event, you'll earn a reward credit that will be applied to a future bill (this may take 1-2 billing cycles for the credit to appear).

How we calculate your reward

To calculate your reward, we'll first determine your baseline electricity usage. To find this, we'll look at your electricity usage over the five days before the event and determine the three days that you used the most electricity. We'll find the average usage of these three days and that will be your baseline. If the event is on a week day, we only look at the five previous week days. If the event is on a weekend, we only look at the five previous weekend days. For example, if an event is on Tuesday, we'll look at Monday, and Friday, Thursday, Wednesday and Tuesday from the previous week. Prior event days are excluded from the baseline.

We'll then find the difference between your baseline usage during the event hours (i.e. 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.) on the previous three highest energy use days and what you used during the event hours (i.e. 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.) and multiply it by the credit per kilowatt hour* (kWh) to determine your reward amount. The credit amount for this trial offer is $1.00 per kWh of reduction during each peak saver event.

Below is an example of a possible reward calculation for an event between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.:

Baseline (5 p.m. to 8 p.m.)
6.9 kWh
Usage during event 3.7 kWh
Usage reduction
3.2 kWh
Earned bill credit
3.2 kWh x $1 per kWh
*Electricity is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). One kWh of energy is equal to 1000 watt-hours and will power a 40 watt light bulb for 25 hours (40 watts x 25 hours = 1,000 watt-hours = 1 kWh).

Register for the trial

Register now for the peak saver trial.

You can opt-out at any time and there's no penalty for not reducing your electricity usage or using more electricity than your calculated baseline.

If you have questions, please connect with us by email and include your account number and account holder name.