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Electric forklift cost calculator

One of the biggest benefits to electric forklifts is the money you’ll save on fuel. Electric motors are more efficient than combustion motors. With low maintenance costs and the low cost of electricity, the business case for converting to electric is strong for most organizations.

Use our forklift cost calculator to find out how much you could save by switching to electric. We’ll show you the total comparative costs of diesel, propane and electric forklifts based on your typical operating hours.

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Based on a 5,000 lb. capacity forklift, BC Hydro’s large general service rate and recent fuel prices in Vancouver.

Report provided by BC Hydro as an educational tool.

The information included in this application is meant for educational purposes only. BC Hydro cannot guarantee the exact cost, actual savings, or the rates for energy sources referenced in the application. This report is meant to supplement, not to replace, individual research when considering the purchase of an of an electric forklift.