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Statement: B.C. Utilities Commission approves energy-based rates for public charging services

BC Hydro is committed to supporting the adoption of electric vehicles in B.C. Today, the British Columbia Utilities Commission approved our energy-based rates for public electric vehicle (EV) charging service.

The new energy-based charges are 34.34 cents per kilowatt hour for all fast-charging power levels and 28.28 cents per kilowatt hour for Level 2 charging, and will be implemented by June 1, 2024. BC Hydro believes the proposed energy-based rates are fairer and are easier for customers to understand. These charges are in line with other public charging services in B.C.

An extended stay charge of 40 cents per minute was also approved by the Commission for fast charging stations, excluding level 2, five minutes after an EV stops taking electricity. This will help prevent lineups at our most popular charging stations, allowing more customers to access.

British Columbia is the ideal place to drive an EV as 98 per cent of the energy BC Hydro produces comes from clean and renewable resources. B.C. is a leader in EV adoption with more than 120,000 electric vehicles already on the roads. We expect this number to increase up to 900,000 within the next 10 years. We currently have 173 charging ports at 86 sites on our network. Within the next decade we plan to add 3,000 more ports to our network.

For more information on EVs, please visit

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