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VANCOUVER: BC Hydro is committed to making decisions that are in the best interest of our customers. With the impact of global inflation, government and BC Hydro announced late last year that we would be issuing a one-time cost-of-living credit to our customers to help with rising costs.

The bill credit was provided to all eligible residential and commercial electricity customers, including those who receive their electricity service indirectly from BC Hydro through FortisBC or a municipal utility. Residential customers received a one-time bill credit of $100 and commercial customers received a one-time bill credit averaging about $500.

We were able to apply the credit quickly to our customers bills earlier this year – when many needed it the most. While the credits were accounted for within the scope of accounting standards during our fiscal year which ends today (March 31, 2023), we have filed a subsequent application to the BC Utilities Commission that would allow us to fund the credits from our operating income on the advice of the Office of the Auditor General.

This accounting change does not impact our customers. They will retain the bill credits we issued earlier this year and there will not be a bill adjustment.

BC Hydro Media Relations
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