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BC Hydro continues safety work in Sumas Prairie

VANCOUVER: BC Hydro has inspected thousands of pieces of electrical equipment in the Sumas Prairie following the devasting flooding in the region in November and crews will be returning to the area this week to complete restoration work.

The floods submerged many homes and electrical equipment, including utility poles and BC Hydro meters on customer properties. In December, BC Hydro crews dealt with urgent electrical safety issues that posed an imminent threat, like a fire hazard. This week, crews are following up on the remaining issues, which include replacing BC Hydro meters on customer properties that were damaged but did not pose an imminent safety risk.

The safety inspections and restoration work are required by Technical Safety BC and help protect the safety of the public, BC Hydro employees and contractors and the electrical system.

BC Hydro has been communicating directly with customers who may be impacted by the additional safety work this week. In some cases, in addition to damage to BC Hydro equipment, damage to customer equipment was also suspected. This requires an inspection by a licenced electrical contractor, in accordance with Technical Safety BC standards.

If residents and businesses in the area think their electrical equipment may be damaged, they should contact a licensed electrical contractor or call BC Hydro at 1 800 BCHYDRO.