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Improving accessibility at all BC Hydro EV fast charging network sites

VANCOUVER: BC Hydro is working to ensure all new sites within its electric vehicle fast charging network are designed to be fully accessible and stations at existing locations will be retrofitted to offer accessible charging over the next three years. The move will improve inclusiveness and safety at every location within the provincial network, which includes 116 public chargers at 78 sites throughout B.C.

“More British Columbians are switching to an electric vehicle to take advantage of B.C.’s clean, reliable hydroelectricity,” says Hon. Bruce Ralston, Minister of Energy, Mines and Low-Carbon Innovation. “As we continue to build our public charging network across the province, it’s important to ensure that we design our stations to be safe and accessible for everyone.”

As part of BC Hydro’s Electrification Plan, all new fast charging sites are designed to be barrier-free. Each location now features wider parking stalls, paved access, lowered chargers, wider protective bollards, improved lighting and better signage. BC Hydro is encouraging its hardware vendors to continue improving features on its equipment to make it more accessible including lowering screens and cable management systems.

“I’m glad to see BC Hydro incorporating accessibility in its design of new charging stations,” says Dan Coulter, Parliamentary Secretary for Accessibility. “We all need to champion accessibility to make B.C. barrier-free.”

In addition to user accessibility, BC Hydro has also started building pull-through sites that are designed to accommodate larger electric trucks and trailers. These sites are located in Powell River, Lillooet and Fraser Lake.

“These equipment and layout enhancements at each of our sites will make them more accessible and improve the experience for all our customers,” says Chris O’Riley, President and CEO of BC Hydro. “As our EV fast charging network continues to grow and evolve, accessibility and safety are key priorities in the design of each site.”

BC Hydro’s EV fast charging network is one of the largest public charging networks in Canada. By the end of 2025, BC Hydro plans to expand its public charging network to 325 units at 145 sites.

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