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Statement: BC Hydro taking all necessary steps to protect its customers and network from cyber-security threat

VANCOUVER: Protecting our customers and network from cybersecurity threats is a top priority for BC Hydro. On February 4, Powertech Labs Inc. – a subsidiary of BC Hydro – experienced a cyber-attack on its system. As a result, some of their servers were encrypted and some data was copied to a cloud location. The exact type of data is still being determined, but Powertech has confirmed that a limited amount of its customer data was compromised. There is no evidence BC Hydro’s network was impacted at this time.

The attack was identified quickly, and our cybersecurity response plans were activated immediately. Powertech shutdown all of its systems and we disconnected the network link between BC Hydro and Powertech to protect our network. BC Hydro has also taken additional preventative measures to protect its network.

Powertech and BC Hydro’s teams, along with cybersecurity experts, continue to work diligently to understand the full extent of the security breach on Powertech’s network. We will be conducting a full investigation into this incident and will be taking steps to help ensure we can keep our network safe.

Powertech Labs:
A wholly owned subsidiary of BC Hydro, Powertech Labs is made up of about 200 scientists, technicians, engineers, and specialists. They pool their efforts and expertise to support electrical utilities, original equipment manufacturers, and the automotive industries.

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