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BC Hydro statement on Fiscal 2022 Revenue Requirements Application

VANCOUVER: BC Hydro has filed today a 1-year Revenue Requirements Application (RRA) for Fiscal 2022 and requesting a 1.16 per cent rate increase, pending the BC Utilities Commission's (BCUC) approval.

In its decision on the Fiscal 2020–2021 RRA, the BCUC directed the Fiscal 2022 RRA be a 1-year application, filed by December 2020 and reviewed on an expedited basis. The 1-year application is intended to provide BC Hydro with the time to prepare a more comprehensive RRA for Fiscal 2023 onwards that would be submitted later in 2021.

BC Hydro is committed to keeping rates low for customers and to making the investments required to provide reliable electricity service. The updated rate will add, on average, about $19 a year – or less than $2 per month – to residential customers bills.

BC Hydro Media Relations
p. 604 928 6468