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Fact sheet

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BC Hydro rates

New rate    

  • Starting April 1, BC Hydro customers will have an interim net increase of 1.8 per cent added to their bills. 
  • This will add an additional $1.63 per month for residential customers. 
  • The increase reflects the new five-year rates forecast from Phase 1 of government’s comprehensive review of BC Hydro, and are 40 per cent lower than BC Hydro’s previous rates plan.

 Lowest rates in North America

  • BC Hydro residential rates are the third lowest in North America.
  • Adjusting for inflation, the average BC Hydro bill today is around $2 more than the average bill in 1978. 
  • When compared to other utilities in North America, BC Hydro residential customers pay around 30 per cent less for electricity service than customers in Charlottetown, which has the highest rate in Canada, and a third of what customers in Boston pay, which has the highest rates in North America.

Bill help

  • BC Hydro has proposed to increase spending on residential conservation programs by 50 per cent to help its customers save energy and money.
  • This includes revised criteria for low income programs to increase participation, additional incentives for homeowners looking to make energy-efficient improvements and a new program for customers in communities outside of BC Hydro’s integrated system.

For more information on how to save energy and money, visit

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