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Power down and save before heading out of town

VANCOUVER – With B.C. Day just around the corner, the summer vacation season is in full swing. That’s why BC Hydro is encouraging customers to give appliances and electronics some time off too.

To save energy and money while on vacation, follow this energy-efficient vacation checklist:

  • Give appliances a break: Even when turned off, many appliances use a small amount of energy. Unplug ‘energy vampires’ including printers, computers and coffee makers to save up to $43 a year on standby power.
  • Lights out: Make sure all lights in the home are switched off when leaving. Use energy-efficient sensor lights with LED bulbs and timers for security.
  • Say sayonara to air conditioners and fans: Close blinds or curtains to block out heat from the sun and keep the home cool while away.
  • Don’t make the water heater work overtime: Set electric heaters to the lowest temperature. For gas water heaters, use the vacation setting.
  • Free your refrigerator and freezer: Consider emptying the fridge and freezer completely and then unplugging them for trips over an extended period of time. For shorter trips, try filling old containers with water to improve the fridge’s efficiency. Having an empty fridge or freezer requires more energy to cool the empty spaces.

BC Hydro is also encouraging customers to show how they’re getting outside to explore B.C. or powering down at home to save electricity this summer. Submit a photo on Twitter or Instagram and include the hashtag #PowerDownBC to enter to win a GoPro camera prize pack. Visit to learn more and view the entries.  

BC Hydro Media Relations
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