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BC Hydro reminds customers how to slay vampire power lurking in the home

VANCOUVER – With Halloween just around the corner, BC Hydro is warning customers that spooky energy suckers may already be lurking in the home. A recent BC Hydro survey found that vampire power is on the rise, and most British Columbians own electronics and appliances that are sucking up unnecessary amounts of power.

These ‘energy vampires’ include electronics or appliances that continue to draw power, even when turned off, and can account for up to 10 per cent of a household’s electricity bill. The average B.C. home has more than 25 devices that draw vampire power, including everything from televisions and gaming consoles to coffeemakers.

Many of these devices are old electronics and appliances that remain plugged in, haunting the house. For instance, half of those surveyed admit to still having a cassette player in the home, while 30 per cent still own a VCR.

Here’s how to pull the plug on vampire power in the home:

  • Unplug little-used products – Disconnect seldom used guest TVs and turn game consoles off when not in use. A set-top box and video game console left plugged in cost about $36 a year.
  • Use a power bar with timer – Plug electronic devices into a power bar with a timer to shut them off automatically.
  • Look for the ENERGY STAR® label – When purchasing home electronics, look for products certified with the ENERGY STAR label. They use less electricity and typically have built-in power-saving features.
  • Disable computer screen savers – Activate sleep mode on your computer instead of using a screen saver that uses twice as much energy.
  •  Recycle old electronics – Return old electronics to a return-it depot to save up to $30 per year in standby power costs.

Customers interested in tracking their energy savings can take advantage of MyHydro – a free online tool that allows customers to see their electricity use right down to the hour. To login in to MyHydro, visit

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