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Power Smart helps customers increase electricity savings

VANCOUVER – BC Hydro’s Power Smart program has been delivering tools to help British Columbians save energy and save money for 25 years. The current average annual household energy use is 12 per cent lower than what it would have been without Power Smart – that’s enough to power 210,000 homes annually.

Each October BC Hydro celebrates Power Smart Month – a month dedicated to new conservation offers and incentives to help British Columbians save energy and money.

Power Smart Month includes rebates on energy efficient appliances and products available at retail stores across the province. New energy champions will be identified at the Power Smart Excellence Awards, and dozens of restaurants will dim their lights as part of the annual Candlelight Dinner.

The simplest way anyone can lower their energy use is by turning off unnecessary lights and electronics. This year’s Power Smart Month theme is “Offtober,” which should encourage even more British Columbians to conserve energy.

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Bill Bennett, Minister of Energy and Mines:

"Our 10 Year Plan for BC Hydro commits to providing customers with tools to manage their electricity costs. Power Smart Month raises awareness about energy efficient products and services as well as financial incentives that can help British Columbians save money by saving power."

Chris O’Riley, Executive Vice President of Generation, BC Hydro:

"BC Hydro is pleased to celebrate Power Smart Month, which offers customers simple ways to save electricity. We are proud of what we have accomplished with Power Smart over 25 years – it’s something other utilities across North America have modeled their energy conservation programs after.”


  • BC Hydro Power Smart programs have been helping British Columbia conserve electricity for 25 years. Since 2008, Power Smart initiatives have saved close to 4,460 gigawatt hours per year, or enough electricity to power 425,000 homes.
  • The average Canadian home has 21 appliances and devices, up from 15 in 1989.
  • The energy efficiency of today's clothes washers has improved by 68 per cent over those produced in 1989.
  • A fridge in 1989 used 956 kilowatt hours a year to run. Today, a fridge uses an average of 430 kilowatt hours per year.
  • BC Hydro plans to meet 78 per cent of our future electricity needs through energy efficiency and conservation.

Learn about how are homes and businesses have changed over 25 Years of Power Smart.

Power Smart Month events:

  • Customers can get up to a $100 rebate on a high-efficiency clothes washer from BC Hydro. Several B.C. cities will match the rebate, bringing the potential savings up to $200.
  • BC Hydro is also offering a rebate of $50 to $75 for select ENERGY STAR refrigerators and a $100 rebate on ENERGY STAR clothes dryers.
  • Businesses and local governments will recognize champions in reducing energy usage at the bi-annual Power Smart Excellence Awards in Vancouver on Oct. 16. The Power Smart Excellence Awards is B.C.’s premier energy conservation celebration, acknowledging individuals and organisations for leading in energy efficiency.
  • The annual Candlelight Conservation Dinner on Oct. 22 will include over 60 restaurants across B.C. Participating restaurants will dim their lights and turn up the ambiance to show how simple actions can save energy. Exclusive dining discounts to these restaurants will also be offered to the public for the evening.

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