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Info Bulletin

Save power and save money with rebates for energy efficient appliances

VANCOUVER – As part of the 10 Year Plan to keep rates as low as possible while investments are made in B.C.'s electricity system, buying energy efficient appliances is now a good deal cheaper. British Columbians can save more than $100 on energy efficient appliances through Power Smart mail-in rebates available province-wide until the end of May.

Discounts are available on high-efficiency clothes washers and refrigerators. Customers can save up to $75 on select ENERGY STAR® refrigerators and up to $100 on select ENERGY STAR clothes washers.

Only products manufactured with the highest standards of energy efficiency, using ENERGY STAR guidelines, are eligible. More information is on:

An ENERGY STAR-approved washing machine saves both water and energy. An ENERGY STAR front-loading washing machine can cut water use by nearly 40 per cent and electricity use by up to 65 per cent, when compared to a conventional top loader.

Refrigerators are one of the most energy consuming appliances in a home as they run 24 hours a day. Replacing a fridge that is more than ten years old with a new ENERGY STAR model could save at least $40 a year on electricity costs.

To find out which energy efficient appliances are included in the rebates and for more on saving electricity at home visit:

This year marks the 25-year anniversary for Power Smart in British Columbia. BC Hydro plans on meeting 78 per cent of new electricity demand through energy efficiency and conservation by 2021. The ten-year plan for electricity rates introduced by the Province of B.C. and BC Hydro last fall includes $1.6 billion in funding for Power Smart programs to allow British Columbians to save electricity and save money.