BC Hydro at work

Trades trainees practice in Abbotsford

BC Hydro trades trainees practice climbing poles at the Abbotsford District Office on Dec. 19. The two-year Trades Trainee program provides training for future power line technicians.

Power line technicians install new power lines, maintain existing lines and infrastructure, and repair lines damaged by weather and other factors. The trades trainees play a vital role in bringing electricity to homes and industries. They work outside in the sunshine or snow and perform physical work at heights of 30 feet to 400 feet.

These trainees are young adults developing line skills before they apply for a four-year Power Line Technician Apprenticeship beginning in 2014. Aspiring power line technicians must first participate in the Trades Trainee program before applying for an apprenticeship.

To learn more about the Trades Trainee Program, visit: http://www.bchydro.com/careers/students_grads/trades.html