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Save money and energy this Power Smart Month

October is Power Smart Month. Throughout the month, British Columbians can learn easy ways to save energy and money at home and at work.

British Columbians are recognized as leaders in energy conservation – but they want to do more. BC Hydro plans to meet 75 per cent of our new electricity demand in the future through energy efficiency and conservation.

BC Hydro continues to support energy conservation by launching its annual Power Smart Month. Every year, BC Hydro Power Smart offers customers programs and incentives to become more energy efficient. Since 2007, British Columbians have saved about 4,500 gigawatt hours per year of electricity, the equivalent of powering 425,000 B.C. homes annually.

This year, BC Hydro Power Smart is offering customers an online Power Plan at to show them how to reduce consumption and save money on their monthly electricity bills. For example, you can easily lower your energy use by turning off unnecessary lights and electronics, washing your laundry in cold water or switching to energy-efficient lighting.

Power Smart Month is an opportunity for all to learn about conserving energy. Throughout the month, rebates on energy efficient appliances and products will be available at retail stores across the province. Saving energy can save us all money, and helps B.C. cost-effectively meet a large portion of our energy needs. To find out more about Power Smart Month and how you can save, visit:




Bill Bennett, Minister of Energy and Mines:

"By promoting easy ways to save power, Power Smart Month helps people save money on their electricity bills and encourages conservation, which is the most cost effective way to meet British Columbia's growing demand for electricity."

Charles Reid, President and CEO, BC Hydro:

"At BC Hydro, we want to help our customers use electricity more efficiently and save money on their electricity bills. Each year, we add to our regular Power Smart offerings during the month of October to make it easier for British Columbians to save power. We have specialized offers for both our residential and business customers to help them conserve, with the hope that they adopt energy-efficiency year-round."

Find out more:


  • Since 2008, customers across the province have redeemed more than 180,000 rebates during Power Smart Month. The rebates on lighting and appliances alone saved approximately 10 gigawatt hours per year of energy – that's enough to power over 8,800 homes in B.C. for an entire year.
  • Customers can now save $100 to $150 on select ENERGY STAR appliances such as refrigerators and clothes washers. Customers can also save $5 to $10 on select ENERGY STAR lighting fixtures and bulbs.
  • The August 2013 draft Integrated Resource Plan provides details about plans to save 7,800 gigawatt hours per year through conservation and energy efficiency by fiscal year 2021, which is the equivalent of reducing new electricity demand by approximately 75 per cent.

Power Smart Month events:

  • Businesses and local governments will share best practices in energy usage at the bi-annual Power Smart Forum in Vancouver on October 22. The Power Smart Forum is B.C's premier energy conservation conference, inspiring businesses to become leaders in energy efficiency.
  • The annual Candlelight Conservation Dinner on October 24 will include over 100 restaurants across B.C. Participating restaurants will dim their lights and turn up the ambiance to show how simple actions can save energy. Exclusive dining discounts to these restaurants will also be offered to the public for the evening.