News Release

140-tonne transformers on the move

Early Friday morning, BC Hydro moved two 140-tonne transformers from the south end of False Creek to the Mount Pleasant substation, currently under construction.
The transformers were off-loaded on the south side of False Creek on Wednesday and took four hours to move just five blocks to the new substation. They were moved using a specialized transport trailer with eight sets of wheels that turn individually and are controlled hydraulically.
They transformers travelled 8,000 kilometres to B.C. from South Korea and are essential to the operation of the substation. They will be used at the new substation to “step-down” transmission voltage to get the electricity ready to be delivered to Vancouver homes and businesses.
The new transformers and substation are a part of BC Hydro’s Vancouver City Central Transmission project – the most significant investment that BC Hydro has made in central Vancouver’s electrical system in almost 30 years. The project includes the construction of a new substation, the installation of a new transmission line under city streets and drilling under the bed of False Creek to join the north and south sides of the new line.
All elements are expected to be in-service by the spring of 2014.