News Release

Great young minds think alike: save the planet!

Ever wonder what your kids are thinking about? We dropped into Vancouver’s Lord Strathcona School to find out.

On April 19, the leadership students from grade 6 and 7 worked with 35 of their classmates to brainstorm ideas on how to be good to the planet and smart about the future. BC Hydro helped facilitate the student-led Earth Day assembly and took notes.

Here’s why the students say that we need to raise awareness:

• We are polluting our natural environment and Earth's atmosphere
• Animals habitats are being destroyed
• We need to stop global warming
• We are destroying our natural resources
• We need to conserve energy
• We need to stop treating the Earth as if we have nothing to lose
• There will be less greenhouse gases if we are more aware

Here’s what they suggested we should do:
• Turn off electricity when not needed
• Compost and grow your own food 
• Reuse, Recycle & Reduce
• Use bicycles, carpool and walk
• Use public transit
• Unplug electronics when not in use
• Pick up garbage around your neighbourhood
• Donate your old clothes
• Use your own bags when buying groceries
• Start a neighbourhood garden

At BC Hydro, we believe that creating energy conservation awareness and support for climate change reduction among the next generation is one of the keys to energy sustainability for our province.

From Power Smart, we know that small steps can add up to big savings. Since 2007, BC Hydro estimates that customers have saved $600 million in bill savings through participation in Power Smart programs. For BC Hydro, that translates into energy savings: 3,000 gigawatt hours of electricity savings or the equivalent of powering more than 270,000 homes annually.

For other tips on saving electricity every day and being good to the planet to boot, visit