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Make every day Earth Day: Being smart with power saves millions

Vancouver, B.C. - Since 2007, BC Hydro estimates that customers have saved $300 million in bill savings through participation in Power Smart programs. For BC Hydro, that translates into energy savings: 3,000 gigawatt hours of electricity savings or the equivalent of powering more than 270,000 homes annually.

It’s estimated that one billion people across the planet will celebrate Earth Day on April 22. It’s easy for British Columbians to make every day Earth Day by being smart with their power, saving money on their bills and showing support for climate change reduction.

Here are some simple tips to save energy everyday:

  • Make the switch to energy-efficient lighting. From now until April 30, BC Hydro is partnering with over 300 retail outlets across the province to offer instant rebates on energy-efficient lighting*:
    • Save up to $10 off select ENERGY STAR LED bulbs;
    • Save up to $15 off select ENERGY STAR fixtures;
    • Save up to $3 -$6 off select ENERGY STAR CFL specialty bulbs.

*Products, stock and pricing vary by retailer.

  • Install a new power bar that automatically turns off video games and home theatre equipment when your TV is turned off
  • Turn off small appliances and equipment like coffee makers, kettles, and flat irons when you’re finished using them. In order to generate all of that heat, they consume a lot of electricity in a short period of time.
  • Deselect the heated dry cycle on your dishwasher.
  • Shorten your laundry drying cycle: you might be over-drying your clothes. As the days get warmer, consider hanging laundry outside to dry on sunny days. After the refrigerator, a clothes dryer typically uses the most electricity of any appliance in a home.
  • Re-set your exterior timers so that lights come on later in the evening and go off earlier in the day
  • Turn off computer monitors and printers when not in use
  • Install lighting controls such as dimmers, timers and motion sensors.
  • Join Team Power Smart.

Next year, when the smart metering system is fully installed, you will be able to see how much energy you’ve used from the day before by accessing your secure on-line account. More timely feedback about your energy use will help you to make changes to save money.

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Rich Coleman, Minister of Energy and Mines

“If all British Columbians make smart energy choices like these, we will create significant power savings for the whole province. Conservation is the most cost-effective way for BC Hydro to meet our growing electricity demand.”

Terry Lake, Minister of Environment

“Saving energy does more than save money – it saves the environment. The opportunities to save energy and make cleaner, greener choices are springing up all around the province as British Columbians celebrate Earth Day every day.”

Lisa Coltart, Executive Director, Power Smart, BC Hydro

“We’re achieving increasingly more aggressive conservation targets to help meet future demand. Power Smart helps all of our customers – residential, business and communities – to be more energy efficient and sustainable.”


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