News Release

Site C – environmental and regulatory review

The Site C Clean Energy Project is now in Stage 3 of a 5-stage process. Stage 3, the regulatory review phase, will include a rigorous and independent environmental assessment process.

Contrary to some statements reported in the news media, construction of the Site C project is subject to environmental certification and required regulatory approvals, and ensuring that the Crown's constitutional duties to First Nations are met.

As part of an environmental assessment, BC Hydro will consider potential environmental and socio-economic effects, impacts to land and water, and opportunities for regional benefits. Where impacts cannot be avoided, BC Hydro will identify and evaluate potential options for mitigation.

An environmental assessment of Site C will include opportunities for consultation and input by the public, communities, First Nations and stakeholders.

BC Hydro anticipates formally entering the pre-application stage of the environmental assessment process in early 2011. The environmental review is expected to take two years.

More information on environmental assessment processes can be found at the following links: