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Agreement between BC Hydro and First Nations Energy and Mining Council seeks to enhance relationships in the clean energy sector

Dan Smith (left to right), Dave Porter, Bev Van Ruyven and Grand Chief Ed John sign the Protocol Agreement between the First Nations Energy and Mining Council and BC Hydro last Thursday.

VANCOUVER – The BC First Nations Energy and Mining Council (FNEMC) and BC Hydro signed a protocol agreement today to identify areas of common interest within sustainable clean energy development.

"It is very important that we have a positive working relationship with BC Hydro to discuss pressing issues and to understand policies and plans that they develop," said Dave Porter, CEO of the First Nations Energy and Mining Council.

"We will work with the First Nations leadership, and in discussions with BC Hydro the FNEMC will advance the priorities of the First Nations that were contained in the 2007 First Nations Energy Action Plan. This protocol is a positive first step."

"BC Hydro is looking forward to working closely with the Council. This agreement will lead to more opportunities to work with more First Nation communities to explore the development of clean energy projects," said David Cobb, Chief Executive Officer and President of BC Hydro.

"Building relationships based on mutual understanding, respect and trust with First Nations is a core part of BC Hydro's mandate as we move ahead to deliver a strong new future for clean energy in our province that benefits all British Columbians."

Following the signing of the agreement, the two parties will work together to find specific areas of collaboration.


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BC Hydro Media Relations
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Paul Blom
BC First Nations Energy and Mining Council
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