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News Release

BC Hydro receives decision on 2008 Long-Term Acquisition Plan

BC Hydro has received the BC Utilities Commission's (BCUC) decision on its 2008 Long-Term Acquisition Plan application. The application covers BC Hydro's proposed 10-year plan for meeting electricity demand in British Columbia.

While the BCUC did not approve the plan in its entirety, it did approve $631 million out of $633 million in requested expenditures. The approved expenditures cover the following projects:

  • $418 million for Demand-Side Management (DSM) plans in F2009-2011; these DSM expenditures represent BC Hydro's largest ever program aimed at conservation.
  • $0.6 million for definition phase work on capacity-related DSM
  • $140 million for Fort Nelson Generating Station Upgrade Project definition phase and implementation phase work.
  • $30 million for Mica Units 5 and 6 definition phase work in F2009-2011.
  • $41 million for Site C Stage 2 definition and consultation phase work in F2009-2010.
  • $1.6 million for sustaining capital to ensure reliability of Burrard Thermal.

The BCUC provided BC Hydro with a number of directions for future planning processes, other supply options, and capital plan reviews. BC Hydro is reviewing the entire 236-page decision and will be taking account of the BCUC's determinations in its future filings.


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