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Recycling quiz: Are you up to speed on what's recyclable?

Used PET bottles in a recycling bin
Knowing how to recycle items correctly diverts waste from the landfill, conserves resources, and helps keep B.C. beautiful. Find out if you can sort fact from fiction in our recycling quiz below.

Find out what you can recycle and where to go

Many British Columbians are unaware of what's recyclable and what's not, and where to get rid of items they no longer want. Fortunately, there are fantastic online resources to help you search for local recycling options for a wide range of items.

Start with the Recyclepedia, which allows you to search by item and by city or town. Everyone involved in recycling in B.C. would love you to take the time to learn the basics, and best practices, around recycling. Tossing the wrong items in a bin can waste time, contaminate recyclables, and can be dangerous for those who work in recycling.

But maybe you're all caught up on the latest, including the 2023 expansion of recycling in B.C. that includes a list of single-use plastic items. Take the quiz now to test your knowledge.