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Stop Burning Stuff and attend Fully Charged Live Canada

Fully Charged's Imogen, Robert, and Dan
Fully Charged team Imogen, Robert, and Dan are coming to Vancouver for Fully Charged LIVE Canada, September 8-10, 2023.

From EV test drives to live sessions, there's a lot to take in September 8-10 in Vancouver

When the world's leading electric vehicle and home energy show comes to the Vancouver Convention Centre in September, the big question for many attending will be: how do I fit it all in?

Fully Charged Live Canada, which is literally powered by BC Hydro, will feature many electric vehicles, including about a dozen making their B.C. debuts. There will be test drives of EVs, electric bikes and scooters, a home energy team on hand to dispense tips and advice, a Kids Zone and even a YouTube workshop for the young (and the young at heart). And over the three days – September 8-10 – there will be almost 50 live sessions workshops on topics ranging from ethics around batteries, to buying a used EV, to heat pumps for all seasons, to how to persuade your friends and family to make a change.

The "why" behind making that change is the theme running through the show, and it's popularized in the hashtag #StopBurningStuff. It's what propels the U.K.-based Fully Charged YouTube channel that boasts over a million subscribers, and it's the force behind the team at work at Fully Charged Live Canada.

"It's a useful phrase, because a lot of people don't understand that when you burn stuff, bad things happen," says Dan Caesar, Fully Charged's CEO and frequent presenter. "And I think we've made significant progress in getting that message out there. If you look at carbon emissions, and climate change, the key culprit is the burning of fossil fuels."

BC Hydro is a natural fit as partner for the Vancouver show, as we produce 98% clean electricity and help B.C. meet GHG reduction goals through electrification, which is all about switching from fossil fuels to clean electricity. But if you think Fully Charged Live Canada will be one big rant-a-thon about fossil fuels, you'd be wrong. While the threat of climate change is dead serious, the show will be fun, and it will be popular.

The last live show in North America – last fall's Fully Charged Live USA event in San Diego – attracted over 9,000 people over two days. And the Fully Charged Live Australia event held in Sydney a few months ago drew more than 14,000.

The B.C. show will include a commercial zone featuring electric vans and trucks, and Day One will be open to businesses looking at fleet electrification.

"It was BC Hydro's leadership that really made this show happen," says Caesar. "Selfishly, we're really looking forward to this one because Vancouver's such a nice place to spend time. We think it's gonna be the most stunning backdrop we've ever had, as the Vancouver Convention Center is just unbelievable."

What to expect out of a Fully Charged Live show

If Fully Charged is a mystery to you, check out a few of their videos on their YouTube channel. It's there that you'll get a taste of how engrossing deep dives into electric transportation and home energy can be. Wildly popular recent videos included a look at the long-wheelbase version of the Volkswagen ID Buzz, where we should be placing solar panels, and This car shows how far ahead China really is.

"We're quite good at taking relatively complex ideas and making them simpler, and more entertaining," says Caesar. "And as YouTubers, we take great pleasure in creating an exhibition that, I think is unlike any other exhibition you'll go to. It's not really based around exhibitors. We have exhibitors there, but it's really about education and a sense of fun. There's just a positive energy in the room that's really quite incredible."

The best way to take it all in is to attend on multiple days, says Caesar. Some attendees will spend one day checking out cars and doing test drives, then spend another day taking in live sessions.

"If you're interested in this stuff, it can be incredible," says Caesar. "Lots of people dip in and out of sessions. But a lot of people sit and try to catch as many sessions as possible. There really is no way you can get that level of information in a day, two days, or three, anywhere else. It's the beating heart of the show."

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Act now and you can get 50% off the standard ticket prize for Fully Charged Live Canada tickets using the promo code BCHFIFTY. Standard ticket prices are $50 for a one-day pass for Friday or Saturday, and $30 for Sunday. Three-day tickets are $75, and a two-day ticket is $60. For YouTube members, Patreon supporters and seniors of 62-plus, the three-day ticket is $55, the weekend pass drops to $45, and the day tickets are $30 for Friday or Saturday, or $15 for Sunday. Kids are free, as are carers – those who provide unpaid support to a friend or loved one – who have a Carer ID card.

If you want to test drive one of the EVs at the show, register for a drive as soon as possible. Test drives will be on a first-come, first-served basis.