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Owl cam online for chick spotting

Image of an owl chick out of the nest
Newly-arrived Chick B21, shortly before it was returned to the nest.

Watch Canada's most endangered owls in their nest

B.C.'s popular owl nest webcam is back, and a northern spotted owl chick has hatched.

Tune in see Chick B21 and its family (Sedin and Amore), but you'd better hurry. It won't be long before the chick will fledge and fly away. The owls are most active in the early morning and late evening.

The BC Hydro-supported Fish & Wildlife Compensation Program hosts the webcam with the Northern Spotted Owl Breeding program, which has a goal of restoring wild adult owl population in B.C. to 250. Located in the Lower Mainland, the program releases between 10 and 20 juvenile spotted owls each year, and it's the only facility in the world breeding these endangered owls.

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